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About The Laboratories

The BioPACIFIC MIP operates a one of a kind user facility dedicated to creating a nexus for synthetic biology and materials to revolutionize high-performance polymers. The laboratories are located jointly between the California NanoSystems Institutes (CNSI) at UCLA and UCSB.

The Synthesis and characterization laboratory is located in 2411 Elings, is a share use research laboratory that provides equipment for the synthesis and characterization of bio-inspire materials. It houses the Prelude X peptide synthesizer enabling users to synthesize peptides and related structures.

The additive manufacturing laboratories is located in 2436B Elings, Is a share laboratory that houses a variety of processes, equipment, and materials in the production of three-dimensional object via additive manufacturing. Materials extrusion is performed using the BIO X and Ultimaker3 printers Stereolithography (SLA) is performed using Lumen X+, Mono1, Mono3, and FormLab printers.

The Living BioFoundry is located in the second floor of CNSI at UCLA.

The MicroED facilities are located at CSNI at UCLA.

The ChemSpeed is located in 2411 at UCSB.

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