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Zeiss Inverted Microscope


Tool Type: “Panchromatic Printer”
Location: “Elings Hall 2436”
Supervisor Tool Lead
Juan Manuel Urueña “WW Name” “WW Email”
Description: “Panchromatic Printer”
Manufacturer: “Mono3Z2”


The Mono3Z2 panchromatic printer is a visible light printer that uses five different LED sources (405 nm (violet), 460 nm (blue), 525 nm (green), 615 nm (red), and 730 nm (NIR)) to print objects from 3D models. This printer can use two different LEDs at the same time to create multilateral objects using panchromatic photopolymer resins. This range of wavelengths can improve biocompatibility, enables a greater penetration depth, and reduces scattering.

Detailed Specifications

LED intensity


Plate Layout Template

96 well plate experiment layout96_well_plate_layout.pdf

Safety Concerns

Read the manufactures manual before first use. If the Mono3Z2 acts in a way that is not described by the manual, turn off the printer and contact Mono at .

  • Never place your finger near the machine until all parts have stopped moving. Moving parts can cause serious injury
  • Never clean or service the printer while it is on
  • The printer uses different LEDS. Never look directly at LED light nor expose skin. Serious injury may result from exposure
  • Disassembling the printer may cause an electric shock or damage to the instrument. Do not disassemble any parts of the printer not mentioned in the instruction manual. In case of a problem with the printer

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