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Force Convection Oven

Yamamoto Constant Temperature Oven DKN602C
Tool Type: “Oven”
Location: “Elings 2436”
Supervisor Tool Lead
Juan Manule Uruena “WW Name”
(###) ###-#### “WW Email”
Description: “Force Convection Constant Temperature Oven ”
Manufacturer: “Yamamoto”


The constant temperature oven is located in Elings Hall 2436.

Training Documentation

Detailed Specifications

LED source: 365 nm
Power settings
32 mW/cm^2 upper tray
17 mW/cm^2 middle tray
12 mW/cm^2 bottom tray

Safety Concerns

* Never use this unit in an area where tehre is flammable or explosive gas. This unit is not explosion-proof. An arc may be generated when the power switch is turned ON or OFF, and fire/explosion may result. * Never use explosive substance, flammable substances and substances that include explosive or flammable ingredients in this unit. Explosion or fire may occur. * Each shelf can only support 15 kg (uniform load). * The temperature in the furnace cannot be controlled if too much samples are set there. Make sure to use the shelf and set samples apart each other so as to make the free space of 30% or more to the furtherance to acquire accuracy of temperature.

Operating Proceduces

1. Any part to be cured needs to be washed with IPA BEFORE being placed in the oven.
2. Supports can be removed before or after curing process.
3. Wait 30 minutes after washing to allow all remaining IPA to evaporate
4. Check the reference material for selected resin to determine ideal time and temperature for curing

Reference Documentation

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