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Zeiss Inverted Microscope

Zeiss Axio Observer 7
Tool Type: “Inverted Microscope”
Location: “Elings Hall 2411”
Supervisor Tool Lead
Juan Manuel Urueña “WW Name” “WW Email”
Description: “Inverted Microscope”
Manufacturer: “Zeiss”


Inverted microscope Axio Observer 7 ACR for transmitted-light brightfield LED, phase contrast, differential interference contrast, fluorescence with Colibri 7; equipped with ACR function, Scanning Stage STEP and Docking station

Detailed Specifications


Filter Sets

Camera Sensitivity to different wavelengths

Filter Set Specs

Position 1 GFP pos-1-38hegfp.jpg
Position 2 DsRed pos-2-43hedsred.jpg
Position 3 CY5 pos-3-50cy5.jpg
Position 4 DAPI FITC TRITC pos-4-90he_d_g_c3.jpg
Position 5 96 HE pos-5-96hebfp.jpg

Plate Layout Template

96 well plate experiment layout96_well_plate_layout.pdf

Safety Concerns

Read the manufactures manual before first use. If the Zeiss inverted microscope acts in a way that is not described by the manual, turn off the printer and contact Zeiss.

  • Never place your finger near the machine until all parts have stopped moving. Moving parts can cause serious injury
  • Never clean or service the microscope while it is on
  • The microscope uses UV light to excite some dyes. Never look directly at LED light nor expose skin. Serious injury may result from exposure
  • Disassembling the microscope may cause an electric shock or damage to the instrument. Do not disassemble any parts of the microscope not mentioned in the instruction manual. In case of a problem with the microscope

Operating Procedures

Well Plate Calibration multiwellplatecalibration.pdf
96 well plate experiment 96-wellexperiment.pdf

Reference Documentation

Training Documentation

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