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Data Viewer

The LIMS provides a simple data viewer for files uploaded to the system. Each instrument has its own data viewer page, as shown in Fig 1.

Fig 1. Highlighting the “Data Viewer” link associated with each instrument.

When you go to the Data Viewer page, you are greeted by the Search screen, as shown in Fig 2. You can search by several different factors: chemical name, chemical CAS number, chemical formula, experiment name, uploaded by, and others. You can also restrict the search to certain periods of time, if you so choose. Upon executing a search, if there are results to be returned, you will see them as experiment “cards”, with a short summary of information, beside the Search panel.

Fig 2. Data viewer Search & Results panel.

Following a successful search, identify an experiment of interest and click the File Viewer link. This will take you to the File Viewer page, where you can select and subsequently display or download the file of interest. Several instruments are configured to provide basic visual representations of their fuller-strength analytical script counterparts, e.g. microrheology complex modulus data and multi-indenter indentation heatmaps. Others, like the micro ED (Fig 3) provide more robust visualization tools, such as an interactive, 3D CIF file viewer. These file viewer operations are subject to revision and improvements.

Fig 3. File viewer example for a micro ED CIF file.

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