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Access to Laboratories

Completion of a new user orientation and safety briefing is required before obtaining card-key access to any of the BioPACIF MIP laboratories. Tool-specific training is required for all tools and instruments in the BioPACIFIC MIP.

During COVID-19 operations our training is limited. If you would like to become a lab user, or need to request training on tools please complete this form.

After training card key access to the Workshop may be requested at: (automated material synthesis and characterization is in room 2411 and additive manufacturing is in room 2436B).

All users must complete UCSB Environmental Health and Safety’s Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety course. The course is offered in person at the beginning of each quarter, and is also available on-line.

Instructions for accessing Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety on-line:

  • Go to the Learning Center website and login. Graduate students, post-docs and undergraduate employees login as employees. There is a separate tab for non-employees for external users and undergraduates not on payroll, but before logging in, a supervisor or host must submit an account request on their behalf here.
  • Once logged into the learning center search for LS60
  • On the select tab select start.

Note for undergraduates: if you are not able to log into the learning center e-mail the lab manager who can get the system to send you an invitation to enroll.

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