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ELN → LIMS Data Integration

The BioPACIFIC MIP ELN does not stand in isolation within the digital ecosystem. In fact, the ELN serves as a critical data entry point for the BioPACIFIC MIP LIMS system. Information about chemical species and other essential data can be extracted from the ELN for use in the LIMS.

The mechanism by which this happens is the Special Commands menu. By using the “/” key, you can insert into the editor specially formatted content blocks that are understood by the LIMS. For chemical species, information is shared between the ELN and the LIMS via the Reagent and Product tables (Fig 1). You can add or remove rows from these tables, but the number of columns is fixed and the columns should not be renamed.

Additionally, the LIMS expects that every notebook page has an equal number of Reagent and Product tables, and that each table cell contains a value. Finally, the columns “Category” and “Mechanism” expect inputs from the Category (#) and Mechanism (&) menus, respectively. More information about this process can be found on the LIMS Import Wizard page.

Fig 1. Reagent and product tables, inserted from the Special Commands menu.

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