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LED plate

Lumidox II

Tool Type: “LED 96 plate”
Location: “Elings Hall 2411”
Supervisor Tool Lead
Juan Manuel Urueña “WW Name” “WW Email”
Description: “UV LED well Plate”
Manufacturer: “Analytical Sales”


LED array compatible with 96-well plates at different LED wavelengths

Detailed Specifications

Spectrum of LED plates

Typical spectral profile for each of the LED well plates available 365 nm, 420 nm, and 445 nm.

Plate Layout Template

96 well plate experiment layout96_well_plate_layout.pdf

Safety Concerns

Read the manufactures manual before first use. If the LED plate acts in a way that is not described by the manual, turn off the plate and contact Analytical Sales.
Before you start please make sure to do the following:

  • Have proper PPE for skin and eyes to protect from high power LEDs
  • Ensure those around you also have the same level of PPE
  • Connect the LED plate to the Lumidox II Controller
  • Disassembling the LED plate may cause an electric shock or damage to the plate. Do not disassemble any parts of the LED plate not mentioned in the instruction manual. In case of a problem with the LED plate

Operating Procedures

Well Plate Calibration multiwellplatecalibration.pdf
96 well plate experiment 96-wellexperiment.pdf

Reference Documentation

LED well plate controller manual lumidox-ii-manual_rev1h.pdf

Training Documentation

Automated Remote Activation of LED plate

NOTE USB cable to controller needs to be connected on left port of computer for it to work properly with the computer.

The LED logo on the desktop opens a GUI we designed to control the LED plate. All it requires is a current and time of exposure.

Current: the range is from 100 to 3000 mA
Time: time has to be a whole number in seconds

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